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Want to Demo Before You Buy?

We Understand. Let’s Get You On A Bike!

Why Should You Demo?

See How You Fit

There are many different styles and sizes of E-Bikes. Smitty's E-Bikes carries multiple styles and colors of E-Bikes so you can pick the one that suites you best. Make sure you fit comfortably, like the feel, and more importantly... how it rides.

Experience the E-Bike Life

We are happy to let you try out the E-Bike you are interested in purchasing before you make your final decision. Cruise around for 15 minutes and get the feel for what it is like to be part of the E-Bike Owners Club!

Meet The Team

With so many buying options online nowadays, it feels like customer service is a thing of the past. When you buy with Smitty's E-Bikes you get to know who you are working with and buying from. We are your point of contact for any repairs, warranty claims, or if you just want to rent some bikes when friends come into town.

We will assemble, tune, and deliver your Brand New E-Bike